Tuesday, March 07, 2017

WikiLeaks claims to expose CIA's ability to 'weaponise' smartphones, TVs and computers in mass leak


WikiLeaks also claims the CIA has been trying to be able to remotely control vehicles so they could carry out "undetectable assassinations."

Wow. And I was just worried hackers from China would do that. USGov is trying to get on the ground floor with that ? 

The documents claim to show the CIA's ability to turn computers, smartphones and TVs into surveillance devices or "covert microphones" even when turned off.

 I've always said "Two People can keep a secret, but only if one of them is dead" (ok , that's actually a quote from Robert Heinlein , picky picky) . 

What , exactly , makes intelligence agencies think they'll never get caught ? No one will EVER find out what they're  up to ? What exactly do they think is going to happen to american made smart phones and TV's after this ? You think sales will go up ? What about sales of computer controlled american made smart cars ? You think they're going to be popular world wide ? 

I think they simply don't care. They're just thinking "Me First ! Everyone Else can go hump themselves ! It's not my problem !"

Ha ha. You just blew a wad buying up investments in corpertions so you could demand changes to their products, and now your targets don't want anything to do with those products. I think it really is your problem. 

Go find some patsy to blame, and keep telling yourself "We were not supposed to get caught. Who do we throw in jail for thirty years to make sure this never happens again ?" When everyone else outside of washington already knows it WILL happen again and again and again , no matter how many martyr's you throw in the slammer, or execute. 

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Opiads Made Simple

The fresh, young face of Ottawa's opioid tragedy

I really don't understand the problem of these fake prescription drugs 14 year olds are buying from dealers (instead of pharmacies). 

Fast talk a few kids into wearing a wire, have them make a few buys, start arresting people. Whats the hold up here ? This is classic police work , you see it every day on every cop TV show, which is written by writers who have an ex cop on the payroll explaining to them that yes, this is how we do it in the real world. 

What are you waiting for  ?

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Reality check: Are asylum seekers ‘queue jumping’ and other key questions


Are asylum seekers ‘queue jumping’ when they cross illegally?

No, and officials say this is a critical point.

Insert long explanation that basically amounts to 'Yes, they are, we can't kick them out because they lied about where they came from , lost all their documents, and we have to support them for years while their case is processed'


Orwellian "Good Facts" ride again. 



Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bad Bank Records

Article = None , personal experience

Feb 27, 2017
Feb 27, 2017PRLOBLAWS ELMVALE$4.09
Feb 27, 2017PRLOBLAWS ELMVALE$0.38

Exerpt from my bank records
Notice the Date / Feb 27th ?
Notice todays date, or the date of this post is Feb 26th ?
Yeah ...it doesn't like sundays, it pushed it back to tomorrow.
Does that on holidays as well.
Not very accurate ?

And they use this stuff in court cases ? Sheesh !

EDIT : Yes, I really did make a 38 cent purchase. Gotta love unlimited transactions no extra charges.