Thursday, September 22, 2016

Justin Trudeau vows to turn every Chinese imigrant into a spy for China

Chinese premier arrives on Parliament Hill to kick off visit


The spectre of China's "Operation Fox Hunt" -- the pursuit and harassment of so-called economic fugitives and other dissidents -- is casting a shadow over today's talks.
Trudeau has acknowledged that the two countries are engaged in a high-level security dialogue, including the establishment of a controversial extradition treaty.

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So , what kind of extradition treaty could you have with a nation that routinely picks up people just on some communist party's say so, fabricates evidence, and executes people ? Are you going to say "no death penalty" and then when the victims dragged back to china he gets some other fabricated charge thrown at him and gets killed anyways ? Are we only going to allow certain pieces of evidence, effectively creating ground rules for 'how to fabricate evidence' to the Chinese Government ?

By doing this , you are granting the chinese government the right to threaten , extort , and turn into a spy , every single chinese refugee that is in the country.

And thats just the dumbest thing Justin "The Boy Non-Wonder" Trudeau could ever do.

But it looks like he's going to do it anyways.

No more security clearances for Chinese , it seems. They are now subject to black mail by their former nation. So much for the no racism regime we call Canada. Now we will be forced into it.

Next up ! All Former residence of the middle east will be allowed to be extradited by ISIS / ISIL if they don't cooperate ! What could possibly go wrong ?


Saturday, September 17, 2016

NSA Approved ! Honest ! We didn't hack it before you even got it !

Crest takes over NSA Cira accreditation

 “It is hoped that it will encourage cyber security service providers to have their capabilities assessed and accredited. This will drive increasing levels of capability and capacity in to the market.”


Basically , all government and private cyber security must be approved by the NSA , which is to say , they help the NSA hack any place they work at. 

 Haven't we had just about enough of this NSA approved nonsense in Canada with the "spy palace" with every single phone having an electronic bug that reports back the contents of every single phone call CSIS makes back to NSA ? 

 Havn't we had enough of NSA pushing broken , or even outright bogus , encryption standards ? Ones with secret weak spots to make it easy to crack ? 

 NSA approved means "it comes pre-hacked", and it should be dumped as quick as possible. 

So long and thanks for the ransom money

Militants who beheaded two Canadians free Norwegian man in Philippines


 Abu Sayyaf extremists on Saturday freed a Norwegian man kidnapped a year ago in the southern Philippines with two Canadians who were later beheaded and a Filipino woman who has been released by the ransom-seeking militants, officials said.

Kjartan Sekkingstad was freed in Patikul town in Sulu province and was eventually secured by rebels from the larger Moro National Liberation Front, which has signed a peace deal with the government and helped negotiate his release, Philippine government officials said.
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 So long and thanks for the ransome money. You'll be hearing from Abu Sayyaf soon as they kidnap 10 more and try it again.

Good job Duarte ! (Philipine president)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Study details sugar industry attempt to shape science


In November, the AP also reported on emails showing Coca-Cola was instrumental in creating a non-profit that said its mission was to fight obesity, even though the group publicly said the soda maker had "no input" into its activities. A document circulated at Coke said the group would counter the "shrill rhetoric" of "public health extremists."
Coca-Cola subsequently conceded that it had not been transparent, and the group later disbanded.


 I find it fascinating that they place the juiciest quotes waaaay at the bottom of these articles , as if  hoping no one will read that far. 

I knew there was a war going on in the grocery stores and even the vending machines when they started a rating system in the vending machines at work that implied certain items (chocolate bars !) were actually healthy. Everyone (even chocloholics) knows that just isn't true and we made a lot of jokes about it at the time. 

Apparently , the average consumer who bothers to read the labels is considered a "public health extremist" ? Wow...just wow. When there is money on the table the lies and false accusations just keep on coming, don't they ? And setting up and running entire false "non profit" organizations to "fact check" their claims and pass them no matter how bogus they are ...just wow. 



Sunday, September 11, 2016

Temporary Foriegn Workers ... Again !

Canada may grant easier residency for foreign workers: minister


  Canada in June watered down measures to limit the number of low-wage temporary foreign workers that firms can hire after complaints the restrictions would cause major labor shortages.
Farmers and meat processors had complained the limit would result in labor shortages.

 Here we go again. 
"Labor shortages" = not enough people willing to do back breaking labor for minimum wage, no benifits, no job security. So rather than provide these things, these businesses want to bring in workers from the other side of the world , taking jobs from Canadians. Because why would you possibly want to raise the pay of someone doing a difficult job when you can hire a philipino , house him in a cockroach infested room with ten other philipino's , and then work him like a dog instead ? 

This goes on the list as another one of the Liberal Crimes. Stealing Jobs from Canadians.

The Return of Edward Snowden ... Not !

Let NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden return to US, urges Zachary Quinto


Zachary Quinto plays journalist Glenn Greenwald in Oliver Stone's new film Snowden (AP)
Actor Zachary Quinto has called for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to be allowed to return to America without facing espionage charges.

 Ignoring , for the moment , the fact that Quinto is an actor trying to push the movie he stared in for his own personal benefit ... Snowden isn't coming home. 

He signed an agreement with the NSA to keep things secret, and the US Gov doesn't want everyone and the dog feeling that they can break that agreement, so they will persecute (yes, I meant persecute not prosecute) Snowden as best they can. 

This is ridiculous logic , of course, because the NSA was breaking the law (still is !) and no one is doing anything about it (and still wont ! They're writing laws to "backdate" the NSA's actions to make them suddenly legal). The truth is they got caught doing something illegal , and they'd like to keep on doing illegal things, and they're going to crucify Snowden as an example to everyone else not to mess with them and let them continue their illegal activities. 

It's called a dictatorship , by the way , when this sort of thing happens. Not democracy. DICTATORSHIP. As in the law is only for other people ? Not for the people in power ?