Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Exclusive law enforcement training video produced since Ferguson


ST. LOUIS — In the wake of the riots, police actions and responses connected to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, In the Line of Duty – the world leader in law enforcement video and internet training – launched their newest online video training based on “best practices” learning from law enforcement leadership titled “Ferguson/The Lessons Learned.”

And what lessons could the police possibly learn from Ferguson Missouri ?
Hmmm... The mayor and the city council issued you orders, and you followed them. You acted like bandits , ripping off every black in sight , and you'd been at it so long you didn't even bother to hide it. When the Justice Department of the United states eventually investigated, years later, they found things like you issuing tickets because you figured someone was "walking funny" or you didn't like the way they were wearing their blue jeans.

Now what could the United States Badge Weilding Thugs possibly be putting into their training videos. What exactly is "Best Practices" for an organization obliged to act like bandits by their bosses and who has no way to change their bosses actions ?

I'm betting the "Lessons Learned" here are how to be a better bandit, and how to rip them off for more and more cash.

Someone needs to steal that video and put it on the web.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

What next for Obama

Charlie Hedbo post (a french magazine)

The caption reads "Now Obama is an ordinary Citizen" more or less

Sad , but true unfortunately.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Toronto Muslims worry Trump will deliver on 'problematic' promises

Toronto Muslims worry Trump will deliver on 'problematic' promises

 Now that Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States, many Muslim Canadians are pondering what his election means for them and whether they're welcome in the country he will lead.

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Um, you're wondering if you will be able to leave canada and go to the USA ? 

 Goodbye, have a nice trip  , don't come back now ! 

 Do I care what you think if you're planning on leaving ? No, as a matter of fact I don't. 

 Stay here and help build this country , or get the heck out. I got no use for "Just Passing Through" Canadians. 

Sheesh, what a stupid news article. 



Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Donald Trump's stunning win is 'uncharted' political territory


 So why did an acknowledge sexual predetor and rapist and muslim hater win ? 

The above statement is why. 

Too many times, those who wish to be PC (Politicaly Correct) have threatened us, burned us in effigy on our own front lawns, tried to get us fired , because we don't agree with them. Heck , I agree with most things PC , lets say 9 out of 10 , but some of those things are really stupid, and they will try to get you fired if you complain about it. 

Donald Trump Won , because various women's liberation organizations stated loud and long that they shouldn't have to go to trial or produce witnesses, a man should be found guilty just on their say so, nothing more should be requried. 

Donald Trump Won because "Slowing the immigration of Muslims" isn't an evil thing. It's another way of saying "take care of american's first, whom I'm obligated to , and strangers at the door can go knock on some other door , we're full up here" ... which every PC'er will try to twist into something evil , but that's the point. Thats why they lost. 

Donald Trump Won because he hates trade deals. Which every joe on the street does the moment they find out their job just moved south to mexico. And the ten million business men shouting "TRADE IS GOOD TRADE IS GOOD GET OUT OF HERE YOU UNEMPLOYED BUM !!!" didn't win any kudo's from anyone but themselves. 

Donald Trump won because if you're an american , the NSA cause of spying on the world for the specific benifit to the american economy is a good thing for you. And non americans who don't like getting ripped off (like me !) we don't get to vote. 

Donald Trump Won because even though he vowed to bring Obama's health care system crashing down , you know he's going to bring in "The Trump Health Care System" that will do pretty much exactly the same thing, so that's really a non-issue.

Donald Trump Won because blacks and homeless largely don't get to vote.  So their opinion doesn't really matter. 

 Donald Trump won because of what Ivanna Trump DIDN'T do. Namely make a big ugly mess, accuse him of nasty things , etc etc. Hey , if you're keeping your wife happy you can't be all that bad. 

 Donald Trump Won because the american Media has been for years stating that if you don't vote for their candidate, the world as we know it will come to the end and it will be the apocalypse. And no one believes them anymore. 

Donald Trump won because we're tired of being told what to think . And when we stand alone in that poll booth , knowning that no one will know who's name we're going to put that X beside, all sorts of evil thoughts come to us. 

 And no , we probably don't regret it. Despite the talk of "Voter Remorse".  

So, lets here it for Donald Trump. Lets cancel those Free Trade agreements and bring those jobs home from Mexico back to canada. Or , Lets Trump those Trade Agreements.